Styling Tips: How To Style Round Rugs

Styling Tips: How To Style Round Rugs

Round rugs are versatile and stylish additions to any home decor. They can effortlessly add character, warmth and a touch of uniqueness to a room. However, many often ask, “how to style a round rug?” Styling round rugs can sometimes be a bit challenging compared to rectangular ones. To help you make the most of these stunning decor pieces, we have curated a collection of practical and creative styling tips. 

Whether you want to create a focal point, define a space or enhance the overall ambience, these tips will guide you on how to style round rugs to perfection.

How to style a round rug?

Choose the right size

Selecting the appropriate size for your round rug is crucial to achieve a balanced and aesthetically pleasing look. The size of the rug should be proportional to the space it occupies. For larger rooms, opt for a generously sized round rug that extends beyond the furniture, creating a defined area. In smaller spaces, a smaller round rug can add a pop of colour and texture without overwhelming the room.

Create a focal point

A round rug can serve as an excellent focal point in any room. Choose a rug with a captivating pattern, vibrant colours or intricate design to draw attention and anchor the space. Placing the round rug in the centre of the room, such as under a coffee table or dining table, can effectively highlight its beauty and make it the centrepiece of the area.

Embrace layers

For a visually appealing and cosy look, consider layering your round rug with other floor coverings. This technique works exceptionally well with larger rectangular rugs or natural fibre rugs like jute or sisal. Layering adds depth and dimension to the space, creating an inviting and eclectic ambience.

Complement the room's style

When pondering how to style a round rug, ensure it complements the overall style of the room. A round rug with geometric patterns and bold colours suits modern and contemporary spaces, while a round rug with intricate designs and softer tones harmonises well with traditional or Bohemian decor. Matching the rug's style with the room's existing elements creates a cohesive and harmonious interior.

Use it as a room divider

Round rugs can effectively define and separate areas within an open floor plan. In larger living spaces, use a round rug to designate a specific seating area, reading nook or play zone. The rug acts as an invisible boundary, providing a subtle division without the need for physical barriers.

Enhance small spaces

Round rugs are a fantastic choice for small rooms or awkward corners that need a decorative touch. Placing a round rug in a compact space can soften sharp edges and create a cosy, inviting environment. It can also help make the room appear larger by breaking the monotony of straight lines.

Harmonise with furniture

When styling a round rug in a room with furniture, consider how the rug will interact with the furniture pieces. For instance, in a dining area, the round rug should be large enough to accommodate the dining table and chairs comfortably. Ideally, there should be enough room for the chairs to remain on the rug even when pulled out. In a bedroom, position the round rug under the bed, ensuring it extends beyond the sides of the bed to create a balanced and visually appealing layout.

Play with colour and texture

Round rugs offer an excellent opportunity to experiment with different colours and textures in your decor. If you have a neutral or monochromatic room, introduce a vibrant or patterned round rug to add a pop of colour and character. Alternatively, if your space is already bold and eclectic, opt for a textured or natural-fibre round rug to create a visually intriguing contrast.

Emphasise symmetry

In symmetrical spaces, such as formal living rooms or entryways, a round rug can emphasise symmetry and create a sense of balance. Placing a round rug at the centre of a symmetrical layout can accentuate the arrangement and elevate the room's elegance.

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