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1 results


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the distinguishing feature of contemporary rugs in your collection?

At Mayne Rugs & Flooring, our range of contemporary rugs is expertly curated to offer the best blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern aesthetics. When browsing through our collection of modern rugs, you can see unique patterns, vibrant colours and high-quality materials that can seamlessly adhere to and elevate your interior aesthetic.

How do modern rugs contribute to a stylish home interior?

Modern rugs act as a centrepiece, elevating the overall ambience of a room. Their contemporary designs complement modern furniture, enhance colour schemes and add a touch of warmth and texture. A well-chosen rug can seamlessly tie together various elements of a room, making it cohesive and stylish.

Can you provide guidance on selecting the right modern rug for my space?

The most important things to consider are the room's size, existing décor and your personal style. You may also want to think about the rug’s durability, especially when placing it in high-traffic areas of your home, and the ease of maintenance. Our collection offers options that check all the necessary boxes, and if you can’t find what you need, our team is always available to help you make a selection that aligns perfectly with your interior.

Do your modern rugs come in a variety of sizes and materials?

Yes, our modern rug collection boasts a diverse range of sizes, from small accent pieces to large-area rugs. Additionally, we offer rugs made from a variety of materials, including natural wool and more. Beyond our extensive range of modern rugs, we also offer shag rugs, rugs for kids and traditional rugs to suit all kinds of preferences and design goals.