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Frequently Asked Questions

What defines shag rugs in your collection and makes them unique?

At Mayne Rugs & Flooring, our shag rugs are synonymous with plush comfort and distinctive style. Drawing from a tradition of luxury, our shag rugs feature deep, dense piles that are soft to the touch, providing both tactile and visual appeal. The uniqueness lies in their handcrafted detail, variety of fibres and modern colour palettes, ensuring each piece adds a distinctive character to your interiors.


A shag rug in an open plan living room is a great way to divide the space, clearly marking your living area as separate from your dining space.

How can shag rugs create a cosy and inviting atmosphere in a room?

Shag rugs, with their thick and lush piles, instantly add warmth and softness to any space. Their rich texture acts as a welcoming cushion for your feet, creating an ambience of comfort and relaxation. Whether placed in a living room, bedroom or study, a shag rug transforms the room into a cosy haven.

How can shag rugs create a cosy and inviting atmosphere in a room?

When choosing a shag rug, it's paramount to consider the room's dimensions, colour palette and existing furnishings. Given the nature of a shag rug’s design, consider as well their maintenance since they might need more frequent cleaning to keep their luxurious feel and appearance. The placement is also crucial, especially if the area sees heavy foot traffic. Additionally, the material — be it wool, synthetic, or a blend — should align with your preferences, ensuring both aesthetics and practicality are met.

Do your shag rugs come in various sizes and materials?

Our shag rug collection encompasses a wide array of sizes, from snug pieces perfect for cosy corners to large ones perfect for open-plan living rooms. Crafted from high-quality materials, each rug offers varied levels of plushness and designs. Alongside our shag collection, we proudly offer other distinct rug categories, including traditional rugs, kids' rugs, modern rugs and natural wool rugs, catering to all aesthetic tastes.

What is the shipping and return procedure for shag rugs purchased from your store?

Our dedication to customer satisfaction extends to our delivery process. We take utmost care in ensuring your shag rug comes in impeccable condition. If you find any reason to be less than 100% content with your purchase, you can conveniently return it to our store within 30 days. For an in-depth look at our shipping and return policies, we invite you to visit our website or connect with our friendly customer service team.